Crossword & Wordsearch Puzzles

Personally, I love a good word game; they’re a great way to flex your brain and learn in an unusual way. After a few years of writing, I wanted to find a different way to share information. I wanted to mix it up for my readers. So, I started creating word games. 

Each puzzle contains a short article (300+ words) to introduce the topic, provide the player with clues and improve the overall SEO ranking. In addition, I design unique, animated graphics to congratulate a player for completing the puzzle.

Crazy Cat Facts – Crossword Puzzle

Published Jun. 19, 2022

Valuable Canadian Coins Crossword

Published Oct. 3, 2021

Pysanky Easter Eggs – A DIY Wordsearch

Published Apr. 17, 2022

KGB Spy Gadgets – Cold War Crossword

Published Mar. 20, 2022

Zombie Epidemic Survival Crossword

Published May 15, 2022

Plant Power Therapeutic Herbs Crossword

Published Jun. 12, 2022