Hello, I’m Julia.

I am a UX Designer and Copywriter based in Vancouver, BC.

My dream is to create design-driven solutions that make a positive impact within both the local community and the world around us.

My career path started at my family’s business…

Like all of my siblings, my professional development began at 8 years old, working with my dad at his fish and chips restaurant. Imagine an episode of ‘Bob’s Burgers’ but everyone is Eastern European and strict; that was my childhood. To sum it up, it was awesome. Plus, It provided me with a solid work ethic that still serves me today.

At 18 years old, I was ready for something new. I left my dad’s fish and chip restaurant but his recipes never left me; I can still make a mean fish burger, with tartar sauce from scratch.

Today, I am a Copywriter and Internationally Accredited Journalist, with a specialized cannabis niche. I have a background in finance and non-profit management. As of the current date, I have authored and edited over 350 published articles (minimum of 300 – 1600 words) relating to cannabis – both print and digital formats.